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2013-02-01 20:06:47 by RPGCrazyCritic

I'm interested in posting more music. I compose on piano and guitar and write poetry, as well as lyrics. I'll throw out my stuff on here. That's all I really need to say.


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2013-05-05 22:17:32

bro. you told me to hit you up so i am. dude shit has changed so much over the years. i got into drugs, music, and bad shit.... holy fuck man im looking back on all this and i cant believe it

hit me up bro stay in contact

RPGCrazyCritic responds:

Holy shit. Wow. I just ended up seeing this shit out of the blue today. Ukraine and Russia pretty much declared war on each other. That's not so rad. In case you ever come back to this, both of the links you sent me were dead ends.